About Us

Hey there, thanks for visiting The iLL Bodega!

We're here to provide you with products that make you look, but more importantly feel cool. We're a little bit streetwear and a little bit horror and every once in awhile we might mix it up with some politics. Just take a look around and I'm sure you'll find something that matches your vibes.


 Meet the Owners

We are Juliet Hudson and Dexter Blanding. Dexter is a published illustrator that graduated from SCAD with a degree in Sequential Arts and Juliet is an aspiring filmmaker and recent graduate with a Film degree from Arizona State University. Dexter is the true artist and Juliet has great vision but still draws the same way she did when she hit puberty.

Both of us needed a healthy creative outlet away from our day jobs, and so we formed The iLL Bodega LLC. And now here we are, I'm typing this and you're reading it in my future/your present. Time can be trippy like that, ya know? But I'm glad you made it here when you did!